Bust those belly bulge, butterfly arms and other flabs of your body

with Spacio Beauty’s Slimming Treatment and Program


for only $29.90 per session

Slimmer Body. More Confident You!

Our Slimming Treatment and Program targets:

Baggy Belly


Flabby Arms


Excessive Fats

Due to our busy daily schedules & a sedentary lifestyle, our body accumulate fats and cellulite that are difficult to dispel. Spacio’s Slimming Treatment and Slimming Program effectively keeps body mass and weight in check with proper dieting.

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Slimming Treatment

Effectively detox your body while sculpting your body with our detox treatment and contour wrap.

Slimming Program

Rid-off those fats with our power slimming program.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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